Sunday, 25 June 2017

CTARC 2017/2018 Club Subs Due - 25 Jun '17

This is your reminder to please pay your 2017/2018 Club Subscriptions as soon as possible.

 Subs are due on 30 June 2017.

There will be no increase in subs for 2017 / 18;  they remain at:
R120-00 per Member, and
R100-00 for Pensioners (over 65).

(Remember, your spouse may join the Club for 50% of your fee).

The Renewal / Membership Form is [here], please fill in the form and return it to me so our data base for addresses and contact information can be up to date.

(EFT payment is preferred if possible, and e-mail me proof of payment please. Banking details for the club are on the Membership Form).

Please Note: If you have recently joined the club, on or before 1 March 2017 you do not need to pay subs until June 2018.

If you are an existing member of the CTARC and have already paid recently for 2017 / 18, then thank you very much!

See you all on Saturday 22 July 2017 at the AGM to enjoy some delicious refreshments and socialise with your friends and fellow Amateurs. 

(I will be collecting cash for subs and the completed forms at the AGM.)


(CTARC Secretary)